Meet Our Custom Rod Builder

We were so sad when my father-in-law died suddenly in 2016. His legacy of wisdom, great stories and of course, his quality rods, remain an important part of our tuna charter business. You can read all about his craft here:

Tuna fishing is a family affair here at Wild Tuna Charters and my father-in-law George Roach is a big contributor to our efforts to create exciting and memorable tuna charters for all our customers. He is deeply rooted in fishing on PEI. George bought his lobster fishing license when he was 15 for 25 cents and fishing became his lifelong career, like his father, grandfather and great grandfather. George fished Bluefin tuna in addition to lobster, ground fish and scallops.

Nearing the end of his working career, George sold his outfit and got into a retail fishing business. A large part of the business was making, rigging and selling tuna gear. Maintenance on the large reels came easily to him and he has shown me how to take them apart, clean and maintain them.

Another passion of George’s is building tuna poles. He taught himself to build a rod from the bare blank to a finished pole, custom length to the number of guides and the strength needed to land these behemoth bluefins around PEI. He also makes “Stand Up” poles that are quite heavy duty to withstand the fights put on by these giants.

George has built all my poles and they work flawlessly. Not only do they stand up to the toughest fight, they are works of art, true craftsmanship. Take a look at George putting the finishing touches on my fourth 7 foot, 130 class tuna rod.

George Roach creating a custom tuna fishing rod. A custom rod for a custom tuna charter adventure.

George putting the pole in the rod lathe to prep for its final colour design.

A custom made tuna fishing rod in its jig preparing for its final color design.

Now in its jig, George will decide to go with a tiger pattern or maybe a surprise for me on my next visit!


George Roach putting the finishing touches on a 7 foot, 130 class tuna rod. The ultimate rod for the ultimate fishing adventure.

High quality guides are a must for the extreme friction caused by a long battle with a tuna.

High quality guides are a must for the extreme friction caused by a long battle with a giant bluefin tuna.

George chose maroon to match the colour of my boat’s trim.