Recognized by many as the Tuna Capital of the world, Wild Tuna Charters proudly operates out of North Lake, on Prince Edward Island’s northeastern shore. Our exciting tuna fishing charter combines the adrenaline rush that comes from fighting a giant Bluefin tuna with the first class comfort and charm unique to that of Prince Edward Island. Our charter is fully guided and outfitted, combining local expertise and passion for tuna fishing with attention to the comfort and safety of our guests. A charter with Wild Tuna Charters is the adventure of a lifetime, and one you will never forget.

A Family Affair

Wild Tuna Charters is a family business. Sara takes care you while you’re on land while Captain Scott Lewis takes care of you on the sea.

Sara will answer all your questions, help with any logistics for getting to PEI or finding accommodations and will send you a customized map and itinerary for your tuna trip. As a commercial fisher, Scott knows the sea and the fish, and he loves nothing better than a day on the water. He will ensure your comfort, safety and enjoyment on the water, find the fish and entertain you with stories of fishing and life here on Prince Edward Island.

As Sara says, “Fishing is in our blood.” Captain Scott first started fishing with his Dad, himself a long time fisherman, when he was 9, and he has never stopped, choosing to pursue it as a career from a young age.

Sara also has salt in her veins – her fishing roots can be traced back about 16 generations! Her father was a commercial fisher for his whole life, and her mother was part of the first generation of women to join their husbands on the water.

Yet family involvement doesn’t end with Sara and Scott. Scott’s mom often makes the yummy lobster rolls served for lunch on a charter (with lobster Scott has caught), as well as homemade cookies or biscuits. And Sara’s father handmade all the custom rods on the boat for fighting those giant 700+ pound fish.

With so much history on the water in both families, Scott and Sara are full of stories and “fish tales” to entertain you while you wait for a bite from a giant Bluefin tuna. So join Wild Tuna Charters for a day, or longer, and experience fishing “the Island way”.

Captain Scott Catching LobsterGrowing up in a fishing family, Captain Scott Lewis has been fishing since he was 9 years old. In the late 1970s and early 1980’s, Scott fished tuna with his father as a young boy. He saw the fishing methods evolve since then and knows all the tricks of the trade. Since the mid-1990s, Scott has caught hundreds of tuna both in the commercial and charter fishery.

A licensed captain, Scott started tuna chartering in 2012 and loves sharing his passion for the giant Bluefin tuna, our natural surroundings and the thrill of the catch with folks from across North America, Europe and as far away as South Africa.

The thrill of catching tuna never gets old for Scott and his enthusiasm is infectious. If you want to hear a really great story, ask Scott about the biggest fish ever caught [spoiler: it was almost 1200 pounds!]

In addition to tuna chartering, Scott makes his living fishing lobster, mackerel, halibut, herring and shark. Scott lives in Cable Head, Prince Edward Island with his wife, Sara, and their two sons.

Captain Scott’s boat, the Bay Light, is an Island-made, 45′ fiberglass-fishing vessel with a 15′ wide beam and is powered by a smooth 430 horsepower Cummins diesel motor. It is roomy and comfortable including tables, bunks, washroom, propane stove, heater, and coolers.

The Bay Light is equipped with modern electronics and is Transport Canada certified and inspected, meaning all safety equipment has been tested, stability tests have been successfully completed, and all mandatory fire fighting equipment is on board.

We take care of all the gear. You have your choice of custom built stand-up gear, tuna fighting chair or fixed pole. Or if you have your own gear, you’re more than welcome to take it aboard.

Our Custom Rods
Or custom rods are made by Captain Scott’s father-in-law, George Roach. George was deeply rooted in fishing on PEI. He bought his lobster fishing license when he was 15 for 25 cents and fishing became his lifelong career, like his father, grandfather and great grandfather. George fished Bluefin tuna in addition to lobster, ground fish and scallops. He learned to build custom rods after he retired, and over the years he perfected rods for the unique fishing conditions here in Prince Edward Island. You can learn all about the custom rods in this blog Scott wrote a few years ago.

The Atlantic Bluefin Tuna – The Ultimate Catch

Catching a wild Bluefin Tuna is the ultimate fishing experience – the catch of a lifetime! These behemoths are sought after for sports fishers because of their size, strength and stamina. They do not give up.

Eastern Prince Edward Island is a feeding ground for the giant Bluefin tuna that migrate here each year. They range in size from 400-1200 lbs (180 to 540 kg) and more. The tuna spend from July until October in our waters fattening up on mackerel and herring. Generally, by September they are over 700 lbs (317 kg). There are so many tuna here it’s been called a stocked pond! Not only are the waters full of tuna, the grounds are very close to shore. It’s a short sail to the fishing grounds – only 2 miles off shore!

Wild Tuna Charters offers a catch and release experience, using barbless circle hooks only, which supports the sustainability of the tuna stock. Experience the ultimate catch with Wild Tuna Charters; you’ll be happy you did.