• How big are Bluefin tuna?

    These fish are monsters! They range in size from 400 to 1200+ pounds (180 to 540 kg). Because they’ve spent the summer feeding, by September, the fish are generally over 700 lbs (317 kg). That is why catching a wild Bluefin Tuna is the ultimate fishing experience – the catch of a lifetime!

  • What makes fighting a tuna unique?

    Atlantic Bluefin tuna are the king of all tuna. They are one of the fastest fish in world waters and are massive at 700+ pounds. They are die-hard fighters with mounds of stamina that do not quit.

  • Can we keep the fish?

    The charter fishery is catch and release, so we bring the fish to the side of the boat, where we can measure, admire and photograph it. Then we release it back into the ocean to fight another day! In the event we do keep a fish, it is under a government regulated tag system with one tag per Captain. It is part of our fishing livelihood, and the fish is sold at auction.

  • How much does a charter cost?

    You can see full details of our rates on the Packages page. Please note: our rates are for the boat, not per individual.

  • What is the maximum number of people on the charter?

    You can have as many as 6 fishers or as little as one, with the same fee for both.

  • What do you supply? Do I need my own gear? What do I need to bring?

    Our boat is equipped with all the comforts you need for a day on the water, including a washroom facility, bunks, table/sitting area (inside and outside), music system and life jackets. A homemade lunch made from local ingredients, along with a variety of snacks, water and other beverages are provided. We provide all the tackle you need, including custom rods made by Captain Scott’s father-in-law. Having said that, you are welcome to bring your own food, beverage and tackle if you’d prefer. It is also good to have waterproof clothing if you have it, depending on the time and year and forecasted weather conditions. A hat and sunglasses are a good idea. Sneakers or sandals work best for footwear. Most importantly, dress in layers. It is often cooler on the water than it is onshore.

  • How long is the charter?

    We like to get an early start, leaving the harbour around 7:00 a.m. and come back between 4:00-6:00 p.m. The length of the day depends on a number of factors including the weather, the tides, how many fish we catch and your preferred schedule!

  • What do you provide for food and refreshments? What about allergies?

    Lunch is usually homemade lobster rolls made from lobster caught by Captain Scott earlier in the season along with coleslaw, homemade cookies and sometimes biscuits. Fresh PEI steamed mussels are also often served as part of the day’s treats. We have a BBQ on board so we can mix it up if you are coming out with us on multiple days. We guarantee there will be lots of food. Refreshments include soft drinks and lots of water. If you have an allergy, let us know. We too suffer from allergies and know how to manage them!

  • Where do you fish? How far offshore do we go?

    Our fishing grounds here in eastern Prince Edward Island are very close to shore – we generally fish 3-5 miles from the harbour. Tuna come to our waters to feed on herring and mackerel which school in 60 – 130 feet of water.

  • How strenuous is the adventure? Are there health limitations?

    Bluefin tuna are very large fish and a fight can last hours. However, we have had charter guests from 10 to 90 aboard. Call us (902 393 7204) to discuss any particular concerns.

  • When is the best time of year to book a tuna fishing charter?

    The tuna fishing season is open from mid-July and until mid-October with excellent fishing all season.

  • How soon can I book?

    It is never too early to book. Book early to reserve your preferred dates. We require a deposit to hold your date(s). You can pay the deposit online.

  • What happens if I need to cancel or the weather doesn't cooperate?

    If for some unforeseen reason you are unable to join us on booked dates, we are happy to work with you on alternate dates. We take the safety of our guests, crew and boat very seriously, so sometimes we cannot leave the harbour with foul weather. If so, we will try and accommodate an alternate date.

  • Do you arrange transportation?

    We don’t provide transportation, but if you give us a call we can provide you with transportation options you can then book yourself. The closest airport is the Charlottetown Airport, which is about 1 hour drive away from North Lake harbour. Air Canada, WestJet and Delta all fly into Charlottetown. Halifax International Airport is about four hours away and offers connections on most major airlines. Check out the Contact page for maps and directions.

  • What about accommodations?

    Give us a call and we can offer suggestions for local accommodations. You can check out some of the many options on Points East Coastal Drive. Staying anywhere in Eastern PEI (Souris, Montague, St Peter’s areas) will ensure a short drive to the harbour in the morning.

  • Are you kid-friendly?

    We love kids and have several of our own! However, we recommend for maximum enjoyment of the charter that children be a minimum of 10 years of age. It is a long day on the water and we have found that it is an activity best suited for children who are at least 10.