B.C. fishermen on PEI

Living on an Island is somewhat unique in the sense, knowing most of the people you meet when you’re out and about. It’s a small world, so in the summer on PEI when tourism brings in hundreds of thousands of visitors here, we don’t always recognize the people we see on a daily basis, like we do in the winter time.

This past summer I had one of these small world experiences. I do some local advertising for Wild Tuna Charters. I happened to stop in at the Sheltered Harbour, a local restaurant in Souris to have a bite to eat one day last August. My cards were in their tourism kiosk. A lot of charter customers frequent this establishment, having good food and good prices. I was walking to my table through the middle of the restaurant when a man who was sitting at a large table full of people stopped me. He asked if my name was Scott and I said, yes..I didn’t recognize him but he seemed to know me. He introduced himself as Bill from Tofino, BC.

Bill had just picked up one of my cards on the way to his table. My logo is on my business card, as well as my pick up truck. He recognized the logo on my truck as I drove in the parking lot! He was looking at my website because he and his friends were looking to book a tuna charter.

Bill and his friends had heard of the giant bluefin tuna being caught and released here on PEI and they had to experience that for themselves. Bill and his friends being from the BC coast are no strangers to boats and charter fishing. So Bill and I had a short conversation before our lunch about availability for a charter. Then after they ate, Bill came over to my table and hammered out the details for a trip the very next day!

The trip came together without a hitch, lovely weather and lots of fish, bait and birds! We were kite fishing which the guys from Tofino found fascinating. Using large, live mackerel as a surface bait is so exciting to watch. We got a strike and everyone was able to see the fish take the bait! The action was fast and furious and we had a great time.

I was happy to meet people from the other side of the country, hearing their stories and learning how they do things in BC. We all got to experience the “it’s a small world” feeling here on little ole PEI!

Here’s a video of us heading in after a great day fishing!