Before tuna season we fish lobster

As much as we love tuna fishing (and we really, really do!), we also love lobster fishing.

The season here runs in May and June and our commercial lobster fishery represents much of our livelihood. It’s a family tradition – when I was younger I fished for my dad for many years and then my dad fished with me for many years after I bought the fleet. In fact, this year we had three generations helping load the boat with the traps for the season, my dad, myself and my oldest son, John. We had a great time and got the lobster traps set and ready for the first haul.

Now we’re taking the boat out of the water and getting ready for the tuna season. We have to pull off all the lobster gear, get it all cleaned up and load it up with all the tuna gear we’ll need for a successful season!

Here are a few pictures from the 2018 lobster season.