Saco Bay Tackle Fishing Seminar

I am so pleased to be invited to be the guest speaker at the upcoming Saco Bay Tackle fishing seminar on March 25, 2017. Preparing for this seminar got me thinking about the evolution of our fishing methods here in the southern Gulf.

Back in the 70s during the first heyday of the tuna fishery, the fish were caught trolling natural mackerel baits.

Then in the 90s, using pink plastic squid on spreader bars and synthetic troll bait were used with great success.

Larger faster boats helped us travel faster and further and that helped us find new fishing areas around PEI that weren’t explored the 70s.

Now we can travel up and down the coast of PEI cruising at 17-20 knots and try our luck on the outer shoals around PEI.

Today our preferred methods are drift fishing with down baits and using a kite for surface baits. We have a lot of fun on the herring grounds just drifting by some hotspots and dropping a single live bait into a school of giant bluefin. When the tuna are thick, hook ups are plentiful. Enticing them by chumming with herring doesn’t hurt either!

So if you happen to be in Scarbourgh, Maine on March 25, come see me!

See more information on the seminar.