Tuna fishing: 30 years later

Extreme North Atlantic Giant Bluefin Tuna fishing with Bay LightMore than 30 years ago, Darlene Keiswetter went tuna fishing with my wife Sara’s, grandfather Fee Roach. While I never met him, he is remembered as a passionate fisherman with a gruff exterior and a soft heart.

Darlene, an avid fisher, loved the experience and describes it as one of the highlights of her life. Not surprisingly, she has wanted to relive that experience with her family ever since.

I’m so happy they chose to come tuna fishing with me this summer. We had two hookups and everyone had a chance to fight a fish. It is always a thrill for me to get hooked up and it was a pleasure to help the Keiswetter family create new tuna fishing memories.

Here are some photos from the day: